Master Ryu Ru Ko

Master Ryu Ryu KoMaster Ryu Ryu KoRyu Ru Ko was born in Chang-le, Fujian. In his early years, he followed in the footsteps of “Pan Yuba” to study Ming He Quan, who was a first generation master (Shi) of Whooping Crane Boxing.

The founder of Whooping Crane, sometimes mistaken with its counterpart ‘Feeding Crane’ (another Crane style Gung Fu which emphasizes aggressive and offensive techniques). In 1866, Ryu KO formally started teaching his form of Te. In 1883, he set up a martial arts center and started to receive students and pass on his style of Wushu. His Chinese boxing style Quan Fa had its own special and unique characteristics.

Whooping Crane closely resembles Goju Ryu and definitely plays an important role in many Okinawan as well as Goju Ryu Kata. This resemblance can be seen particularly in Suparunpei, Kururunfa, Saifa, etc.; those Kata brought back to Okinawa from China each demonstrate specific movements from White Crane. Many scholars use this similarity in the kata to trace the line of history of Goju Ryu, which is still somewhat confusing due to the destruction of written materials during the Second World War. RyuKo is given credit for being Kanryo Higashionna’s main teacher as well as teacher to other well known turn-of-the-century Okinawan masters.

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