Master Edward Verycken

Edward VeryckenEdward VeryckenSenior Shihan Edward Verycken was one of Peter Urban's first student's in his Union City, New Jersey dojo in 1959, and was one of his first black belts. He assisted Grand Master Urban at all the early dojo's including the famous China Town dojo.

Sr. Shihan Edward Verycken not only trained with Grand Master Peter Urban but also with Grand Master's Don Nagle and Gary Alexander of Isshin Ryu Karate-Do. He also trained with the gentleman warrior Grand Master Richard Kim and was accepted into the Dai Nippon Butokukai.

Sr. Shihan Edward Verycken has trained in Boxing, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Aikido and competed or officiated in all the early tournaments on the eastcoast.

Sr. Shihan Edward Verycken was promoted to Judan 10th degree black belt by Grand Master Peter Urban. Sr. Shihan Verycken ran the Neko Ashi Karate Club where he personally taught, trained, or supervised some of the best Goju karate-ka on the eastcoast of the United States to include Master's Joe Hess and Ric Pascetta and Alex Saavedra who trained Manny Saavedra and Orlando Rodriguez.

A career law enforcement officer, he is responsible for many of the modern day restraining techniques and defensive tactics taught at police academies nationwide and in particular South Florida. Considered to be one of the best "tamashewari experts", it has been said Verycken could break anything with his fists and feet.

Sr. Shihan Edward Verycken is the founder of the All American Goju International Karate Association and will maintain the high standards and moral quality of Grand Master Peter Urban's "beloved" United States of America Goju Association.

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