Jorge Socarras

Jorge SocarrasJorge SocarrasSensei Jorge has more than twenty years martial arts experience. He began his training in Japanese Goju Ryu under Master Juan Bofill and holds the rank of Ni-Dan (second degree black belt).

He is an accomplished Kata competitor with years of competition in local tournaments. Sensei Jorge continued his training in Goju Ryu Karate-do under Shihan Orlando Rodriguez and holds the rank of Yon-Dan (Fourth degree black belt).

He’s a firm instructor that can bend when necessary to achieve his ultimate goal of passing his vast knowledge and crisp technique to his students. His patience is second to none and his knowledge of physical training is a tremendous asset to the Goju Warriors Dojo, Jorge's attitude fits the family atmosphere we always maintain. Sensei Jorge continues on the warrior’s path of Karate-Do.

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